Mickey Mouse and the Giraffe

Mickey Mouse and the Giraffe
as told by CDG with Felix & Betty

I should start by saying that I asked them each what they would like to tell a story about. Felix said, “An animal. A giraffe.” Betty thought hard before answering, “Mickey Mouse.” From here on out the kids’ additions will be in their respective colors.

Once upon a time Mickey Mouse went looking for a giraffe. He found one named.. Felix, what is his name?


So Felix the Giraffe and Mickey Mouse decided to get some ice cream. They were on their way to the Ice Cream Parlor when they saw… Betty, what did they see?

An Ice Cream truck.

But the ice cream man said… Felix, what did he say?

“We have NO VANILLA!”

So, Mickey Mouse and Felix the Giraffe kept on walking towards the ice cream parlor. They went around the corner and discovered… What did they see, Betty?

A polar bear!

Which gave out a terrible ROOOOAAAAAAR!!! And Felix the Giraffe ran away. Mickey Mouse asked the polar bear, whose name was… Betty?


“Why did you frighten my friend?” Betty the Polar Bear answered, “I didn’t use my words.” So Mickey Mouse and Betty set off to find Felix the Giraffe. When they got to… where were they, Felix?

The train tracks!

When they got to the train tracks, they saw that Felix the Giraffe…

Was on the other side of the tracks but the train was coming so they had to wait! And then they got him by the tail!

Now that Mickey Mouse and Felix the Giraffe and Betty the Polar Bear were all together, they continued on towards the ice cream shop for a treat.

And they all had vanilla. With sprinkles. And no sauce.


  1. Together that was a very happy tale with a delicious ending!

  2. It hurts my heart and strains belief hat Betty’s parents do not recognize that they have the best nanny in the whole entire universe and that they should cater to your every need and desire so that you continue to invent lovely activities like this with their daughter.

  3. i was a little worried about what might happen at the train tracks. whew.

  4. LOL, my oldest told me a story that she wanted written down. I should post it, it’s quite amusing

  5. I love this! We had bad guy stories with Super Bunnies for a while. I think I like giraffes and ice cream much better.
    Also, can I have his sauce? The ice cream sauce (if that wasn’t clear!)

  6. he is truly my grandson,it had to be a giraffe!

  7. That is wonderful! Way to go Mommy/Nanny!

  8. Isn’t that always so true-that not using one’s words can have terrible consequences? Luckily, grabbing life-or in this case a friend- by the tail can bring about a happy ending!

    I love the way kid’s imaginations work-and I love the sweet ending here too:) So cute!!

  9. I’m assuming no sauce symbolizes selflessness and friendship…or just a cute damn story.

    wanna come take care of my kids? they’re funny as heck

  10. IMAGINATIONS are so much fun and you have LOTS in your house!!!
    Congrats on the 900th post…and just or the record I love Vanilla with sprinkles :)

  11. I absolutely cannot wait to have this type of storytime with my kids.

  12. With that much imagination added to the recipe?
    Vanilla is magic.

    “Once upon a time” are the best words. Ever.

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