The Small Boy’s Gingerbread Cottage, 2011

Last year, my Mom gave Felix a gingerbread house kit, and it kept him occupied for two hours, while he painstakingly directed me where to pipe icing, so he could place each of the hundreds of candies.

This year, she gave him another one, and we got to have her over to help with the decoration. With minimal stylistic guidance, and a little assist with the cutting of the walkway bricks and roof shingles, Felix has executed another masterpiece.

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  1. Love this! I will be letting my kids do a village kit in a few days. Last year my mom came and we did the whole kit & caboodle from scratch. May I share our pics?

  2. Bless that boy. And your mom. I love everything about this.

  3. Color me Impressed! my kids would have shoved that candy in their mouth faster than I could squeeze some frosting on the walls.

  4. He doesn’t mess around! Love that creative little mind of his!

  5. Felix: the best of names for a creative genius. Just love that house, and I’m now rushing out to find a kit to preoccupy my Felix.

  6. This is ALL kinds of awesome. I was thinking of picking one up for Eddie for next week when we are home together. I am sure his will NOT compare to Felix’s though. Those are some mad artistic skills your boy has, yo.

  7. It’s perfect! We are doing one at a friend’s on Friday. I’m thinking we’ll do one at our house next week.

  8. Katie will be delighted to know that her intended took it up another notch this year.
    They will get along perfectly, what with their OCD and all.
    I bought Katie a gingerbread tree this year and she was pretty underwhelmed. #lessonlearned

  9. I would so totally live in that house.

  10. very nice. We bought a kit that still has to be put together…guess I have a project for my vacation next week :)

    I doubt my girls will have as nice a house. My 3yo is more focused on eating all the candies instead of applying them. And my 5yo is pretty sloppy over her placement :)

  11. Truly exceptional and it makes me hungry.

  12. It’s a lovely house. I haven’t made gingerbread houses in forever. Pretty sure my child is missing out.

    Mission for this weekend? I think so.

  13. Felix did a great job! Your small boy definitely has a way with frosting and candy. We make a gingerbread house every year too. Since Amy’s birthday is in December, it was always the activity she chose to do with friends who came over to celebrate. Now I’m just thankful that at 16 she still thinks decorating a gingerbread house is fun:)

    And Cam, have you seen this? It makes Amy and me laugh hysterically every time we watch it!

  14. To say that this is awesome is an understatement.

    Truly, truly magnificent :-)

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