Happy Read An eBook Week!

It’s Read An eBook Week! In celebration, Smashwords has partnered with its authors to offer titles at significant discounts—in many cases FREE!

Closing Shift, Requiring of Care, Cameron D. Garriepy

My debut short story, Closing Shift, is always free, but for this week only Requiring of Care is also free on Smashwords, just use code RE100 at checkout to receive your download for free. Both stories are available for most ereader devices and apps, and for online reading!

If you like what you read, positive reviews are an indie author’s best friend!



  1. Happy to share on my page. And, download your books. :)

    And, read them. :)

  2. Great, Cameron: I shall use this as my weekend reading :-) How is your nautical history going, by the way? Have you aired it at the writer’s room?

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