A Heart that Grieves

He backed her up against the counter, one hand in her hair, one up her skirt seeking her slick, wanting heat. She sucked his lower lip, hooked her heels around his ass.

A spoon clattered into the sink, spattering tea on her hand.

She smeared his tears with her thumb when they came.

Later, smoking his last clove on her front stoop, she joined him, cherry blossom kimono belted loose over the olive skin he loved. She leaned down to twist a lock of hair from his forehead. “You okay?”

He reached up and squeezed her hand.

“I’m gonna be.”

My Blog Can Beat Up Your BlogMy friend Lance is offering up a challenge: I give you a song, usually under 4 minutes, then you give me exactly 100 words inspired by the tune. How the inspiration manifests, is up to you.

The song is the Stones’ Waiting On A Friend.


  1. Beautiful and sensual.


  2. Vivid.

    (I was actually going to say “sensual”, but Eden already snagged that one…)


  3. Oooh – the guy crying is a twist I wasn’t anticipating.

    I don’t know if you meant a double meaning when you wrote “when they came,” but I took the entendre, and believe it’s brilliant.

  4. hot. SMOKING hot. I wanted to know why he was crying and if he’s really going to tbe OK

  5. Well, im going to have to change Vi’s dad and Mallory.

    Seriously, I related to this. Can’t tell you why but I’ve been that dude. Sometimes sex isn’t just sex. Sometimes its really weird therapy.


  6. You were right…. racy, but very well written in 100 words. Just enough to leave the imagination wandering and wanting more.

  7. Yes, Cam. Very h.o.t.
    This makes me so glad I’m a grown up…

  8. are we getting therapy over here?

  9. I remember the first time a man cried in my arms after that kind of want when I read this. My heart just burst open with the vulnerability of using someone and being used.

    Needless to say this was HOT and human. 😉

  10. Hello! I think that was the best use of 100 words EVER! Blush! Awesome!

  11. Yeah. Hot. But hotness with curiosity-provoking depth…

  12. Nice story, weeping on the stoop and down to his last clove… she should give him the boot… she deserves better.

  13. Very sensual. Your imagery is well done. Nice writing.

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  15. Everyone’s said so much already, but I’m all for some vulnerability, and the depth of emotion, and the pure hotness of their togetherness.. wow. I’d love for this to be explored and expounded on!

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