The Posts of Birthday Weeks Past

On Friday, I’ll be old enough to run for President. If you all write me in, I promise  not to behave like a jackass while in office, to get some fantastic advisors, and to hire Aaron Sorkin to write my narrative arc.

Here are a few excerpts from the Posts of Birthday Weeks Past:

April 5, 2006: Apparently at 29, I still cared about appearing illegally youthful.

After changing my SSN to my married surname last fall, I finally got around to changing my driver’s license on Monday morning. So, while I wait for the new license to arrive, I have a flimsy looking paper replacement. Guess I won’t be buying any booze for a few days, hmm? Hope I have it back by next week so I can get carded on my birthday.

April 13, 2006: We still went out for birthday dinners. Remember when there was room in the budget, and no need for a sitter?

Warm beet salad with chevre and creme fraiche, filet au poivre with cognac sauce, chocolate mousse with a 20 year tawny port…

April 12, 2007: I get nostalgic for college birthday parties as I face down my 30th.

I remember my 20th birthday quite clearly, which is impressive, given the amount of alcohol (what?! underage?!) I consumed. There was a triple birthday party for myself, and pals Y and B, who were turning 19 and 21 – we were all in a row! I wore a red shirt and danced on a table! I had a pink stuffed lobster on my head and a bouquet of tulips perched in my cleavage. The party was in Frank and Glenn and Company’s suite on 6th floor Milliken. There was SoCo… ooops.

April 7, 2008: Working with Felix and the youngest of my nannying herd:

Preschoolers are funny people. Living alongside a person who is learning to quantify, identify, and describe the world around them can be a challenging, and rather delightful, experience. This post, for instance, is being written on Tuesday, because that’s the day in O’s world when things happen. If he asks someone to come over to play, it’s on “Tuesday.” If he knows he’s going somewhere, his day of departure is “Tuesday.” If there was something fun in his recent past, it happened on “Tuesday.”

April 9, 2008: Baby poop.

When life gives you the worst case of explosive baby poo that you’ve ever seen, you get out the blunt end craft scissors and cut your child out of his undershirt.

April 13, 2008: Mark buys me a Dyson:

When Mark came home with Felix yesterday (that in itself being quite an early birthday gift – three hours to myself!!!), they’d been to Target, where they procured for me my very own Animal. While some of you might say, “A vacuum cleaner? As a birthday gift?” I counter that it was something I truly desired, something I never would have bought myself, and something I could certainly have lived without, so I think it was a marvelous gift.

April of 2009 seems to have largely not existed online.

April 10. 2010: I begin to think of writing more seriously again, and I defend my genre.

So, here’s me, lifelong reader, self professed lover of character and story, sitting on a pricey, elitist college education, and I decided to turn my hand to writing a story of my own. Guess what? It’s very likely going to be a single title contemporary romance. Hopefully, a smart one with likable characters and a literate writing style, but a paperback beach read nonetheless.

April 14, 2011: I wrote one of my favorite Red Writing Hood responses.

I honestly can’t wait to see what this year brings.

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