I’d Do Time for You

Her tortoiseshell frames snapped under the state trooper’s careless boot.

When he forced the cold cuffs around her wrists and jerked her towards the cruiser, she stumbled. The tears were more for the seamed stockings that shredded against the asphalt than for her abraded flesh.

Her blurred reflection in the glass, bruised by flashing red and blue light, took her breath away. Stray locks of walnut hair falling from her careful French twist, cardigan askew, tidy mascara streaked. Dante, vanishing around the corner with one last shrugging glance, hood pulled tight, his sharp jaw and icy eyes clear in farsighted focus.


My Blog Can Beat Up Your BlogMy friend Lance is offering up a challenge: I give you a song, usually under 4 minutes, then you give me exactly 100 words inspired by the tune. How the inspiration manifests, is up to you.

This week’s song is #1 Crush by Garbage.


  1. That opening line: it crackles like lightning. Mesmerising.

  2. You can almost hear her thoughts. So clear is this snapshot. Likie!

  3. This short snippet really pulls you in, and makes you eager for more.

  4. Descriptive staging is an art, one you use with ease.

  5. I love how you just seem to dance with words effortlessly.

  6. You know I have a love hate of these, don’t ya? Love how fast you pull me in and then its over.
    Like having sex with a hot teen-aged boy. Or at least that what I THINK it would be like.

  7. Stupid stupid girl. Let him do his own fucking time.

  8. Very good! I felt like I was watching instead of reading.

  9. I saw and heard every word of this one, Cam. I agree with Kate. The first sentence just crackles.

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