The Preacher’s Boy, Part Two

A flash fiction series in three parts today, each part is rooted in one of the writing challenges I’m participating in this week. If you missed the opening, read it here. Here is Part Two:

Martin saw the diamond’s fireworks in the flames. Like hot white buckshot flashing from the fire. Under a charred rafter, her pale white hand clawing in the ash, black like her betraying heart.

Part Three.



3: plural
a : display of temper or intense conflict
b : a spectacular display



  1. Powerful words here. I hope you’ll be continuing with these characters.

  2. Martin is a bit of a poet….

  3. Hot white buckshot=perfect

  4. And the diamond alone will remain uncharred by the time the fire is through.

  5. Love it! I had to go back and read the first one — the language here is great.

  6. I had to read all three parts. I like the description, “black like her betraying heart.” Creepy ending (I liked it!)

  7. like her “betraying heart” ….oooh, so good and so well written. I love the words you used, I had to read twice to get them all in my mouth.

  8. Wow, you got a lot done in just a few words. This is really powerful writing. The buckshot image is perfect, like Lance already said. Great job with the prompt. Hope you’ll come back for the weekend challenge as well.

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