Trifextra 26: A Romance Incipit

Whoever was pounding on the door had better have their affairs in order, thought Sofia Buck, pushing herself up off the sofa, because she was going to murder them with her bare hands.


What we want you to do this weekend is to give us a 33-word opening line to your book.  That’s it.

This is the official beginning to Buck’s Landing, the fruits of my writing vacation. You can check out the character teasers I’ve posted here and here


  1. Great! I have felt this way many many times!

  2. Brilliant opening. I got all excited and then realised we weren’t getting any more! As we British say, oh, bother! Wonderful that this new project walked along the sands to you, Cam.

  3. I’d say these two are going to get something going. The first few minutes may be rough, though! I want to read this.

  4. I LOVE a tough chick. That’s right, Sofia! I hope whoever it is is ready for her wrath!

  5. Oh, I want to know who is behind the door…

  6. Oh, don’t mess with Sofia :)

  7. Oh wow. Talk about sucking someone in hook, line, and sinker!! You are indeed the Queen of Opening Lines.

  8. Great opening! I’ve felt that way before :)

  9. A strong female character from the start… I like it! I like that you used the word ‘murder’ instead of just ‘kill.’ It’s a more descriptive word.

  10. loved! Who was pounding on the door? Why was Sofia on the couch? Worse, why was she so incredibly angry? You definitely bring out a lot of questions in this opening line!

  11. Whoa! My type of woman,

  12. The fact that this is a romance adds an interesting dimension to this opener; I’m curious about who lies on the other side of the door!

  13. Remind me NOT to bother Sofia. Ever. Being killed by somebody’s bare hands does not sound like a fun hobby. Nice take on the prompt!

  14. Great first line. It gives such great picture of who this character is going to be.

  15. Atta girl! Way to knock it outta the park.

    Loving this whole Trifecta thing, as I am brand new and just posted my first piece.

    New follower and fan.



  16. This is genius. You’ve got us interested in the story and invested in the character all in 33 words. Sweet!

  17. Our heroine sounds like a source to be reckoned with. Or maybe just an average woman pushed too far. An intriguing start.

  18. Excellent start. Not sure that “bare hands” is a necessary part of set up though. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment. Much appreciated!

  19. Don’t mess with Sophia! Or just knock gently and politely? Nice opening!

  20. Oooh sounds like a murder mystery intro, not a romance, though this one would be great as a murder mystery romance, come to think of it!!

  21. How could anyone not want to read more..? Awesome opening line..x

  22. I’m loving every glimpse I get of this one. Your vacation really inspired something.

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