Blink’s Fry Doe: A Buck’s Landing Excerpt

blinks fry doe, hampton beach NH, Buck's Landing Cameron D GarriepySofia couldn’t remember being so happy in Hampton, not since she was a child.

With the panda looped under her arm, she walked in easy time with Silas. At the first cross street, he reached for her hand.

Blink’s was a blaze-orange shrine to fried dough. The porch overhang was crowded with people waiting for orders; the line stretched down the stairs into the sidewalk.

“What do you want?” Silas asked.

She handed him the stuffed panda. “This is on me.”

Silas took the bear. “Cinnamon and sugar.”

She snuck a glance at him while he leaned against the signpost. As if he felt her eyes on him, he turned to her. The street light threw his face into deep shadows but his intent was unmistakable. She shivered, understanding pooling low in her belly.

Rejoining him, she gestured across the street, where several empty benches lined the beach boardwalk. Silas set the panda down to one side to take his fried dough. He looked at hers, brows raised. “Cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar?”

She nodded. “The only way to have it.” The first bite was perfect, crisp from the fryer, soft inside, sugary and sweet. She hummed with pleasure.

“Remind me to buy you fried dough more often,” Silas said, sinking his teeth into his own.

They ate in silence, watching the amateur fireworks displays from the beach followed by the Hampton police on their quads breaking up the lawbreakers. She started to hand Silas a napkin, but he licked the sugar and cinnamon from his fingers with a wink. Sofia swore she could feel his mouth on her own skin.

“Look,” Silas said pointing to the sky above them.

A red Chinese lantern drifted over the beach. It caught a column of air and spiraled gently up before flying out over the Atlantic. They watched it until it burned out over the horizon.

“I’ve never seen one before,” Sofia whispered. “Not like that.”

“Me neither.” Silas stood. “Come on. Let’s walk home on the beach, see if we can find where they’re launching them.”


Write On Edge: Red-Writing-HoodThis week, Write on Edge challenged us to write with local brands and landmarks in mind. This excerpt from Buck’s Landing revolves around a Hampton Beach favorite.

15 thoughts on “Blink’s Fry Doe: A Buck’s Landing Excerpt

  1. This is wonderful Cam! Our local fair was last week, and the scent of fried dough seemed to cover everything, in a very good way-so I can perfectly imagine it here too. But it’s also due in part to your writing-you are just so darn good! I want to find the lanterns, too:)

  2. Ooooh, so lovely. And he seems like a decent sort in this excerpt. I have no desire to mortally wound him. But my guard remains up. This may be where he’s setting her up for whatever happened in that last excerpt.

  3. Congrats on your recent publication!

    I enjoyed the little bits of (seemingly) innocent tension here. And there is def. some literary love payed here to fried goodies. Now I’m craving some.

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