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Angie broke her muffin open and buttered it. “Seriously, Millie, the man is useless.” She pushed a long lock of snow white hair behind her ear. “He was out in the garage for six hours yesterday, and the lawnmower still isn’t working.”

Millie snorted, peeling the foil cover off a packet of butter and reaching for her knife. “Not as useless as Jonah. The other night he’s standing in the kitchen, looking right at the apple pie I baked him where it’s sitting on the counter next to the fridge, and he says to me, ‘Mills, can you put my pie in the fridge?'”

Angie sipped her coffee, a smile playing around her mouth.

“I’m sitting twenty feet away on the sofa, up to my elbows in the blanket I’m knitting for Melissa and Justin’s new baby,” Millie went on. “And I give him The Look.”

Angie giggled. “Because he’s—”

“STANDING IN FRONT OF THE PIE!” Millie slapped the table.

Tears of mirth sparkled in Angie’s rheumy eyes. “Maybe he thinks there’s a secret pie fridge in the kitchen he doesn’t know about?”

Millie guffawed. “Secret pie fridge!”

Angie set her coffee down and pulled out the iPhone her grandkids bought her for Christmas. She pecked at the touch sensitive keyboard with far slower fingers than the ones that had once typed up legal briefs at eighty words a minute.

“Angie, what are you doing with that thing?” Millie smeared butter on the uneaten piece of toast on her plate.

Angie turned the phone’s screen. Millie squinted at the blue and white image. A small, square, black and white photo of Angie’s face—skin unlined and fair hair smooth—from their high school graduation in 1962 appeared to be speaking words in a blue bubble:

Seems I’m the last to know about Millie’s #secretpiefridge

Millie’s eyes widened; her voice went gruff and admiring. “Seems I’m the only one not on that twittering thing.”


Write On Edge: Red-Writing-Hoodfor Friday write a 400 word or less scene which shows the event(s) which led to this hashtag: #secretpiefridge

9 thoughts on “#secretpiefridge

  1. my mother can’t see, and doesn’t understand the allure behind texting. “If you’ve got time to punch words, you’ve got time to place the call and talk.”

    Tweeting? Never going to happen. At least, I’m really sure it’s never going to happen. She surprises me from time to time.

    I love these gals too. There’s a sublime honesty about them, the kind that only friends for years through thick and thin have. Wonderful!

  2. This is terrific! And a little uncomfortably familiar, too! :/ I love how elegant your solution to this problem is (not to mention the execution); I admit I struggled with this prompt, so it’s stretching my creative muscle to see how other people handled it. Headed over to America’s Next Author.

  3. I love this because it reminds me of my own grandma. She’s gone now, but if she were still around she’d be learning to master an iPhone with her gnarled-but once very capable hands too. I know my grandpa caused her many moments of despair, just like the husbands of these two ladies. Oh how my grandma would have loved Twitter:)

    I’m heading over to America’s Next Author too!

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