Because It’s Sunday, And I Can

I’m posting another cake photo!

This time my Small Boy’s 5th birthday cake. He asked me for a pug cake, which I did by stenciling the negative space on a pumpkin carving template out of black rolled fondant. Then, he asked if he could have a bomb, just like the one I did for Lex’s birthday cake last weekend.

Et voilà, Pug Bomb Cake!

pug cake, birthday cake, stenciling with fondant, modeling with fondant, child's birthday cake
© 2012 Cameron Garriepy

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Buck’s Landing, the first in this connected series of romances, today is the day to do it. I’m donating a portion of the proceeds from all sales this week to benefit a family rebuilding their savings and adoption fund. Recent political developments in Washington are the first step, but my friends have a long road ahead to truly hold equality in their hands.

4 thoughts on “Because It’s Sunday, And I Can

  1. You are an awesome artist. I love how casual you are “Stencil the negative space from a pumpkin carving kit.” Yeah. Like I would EVER have thought of that in my whole LIFE let alone pulled it off. You get killer Mom points.

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