Of Cakes, Cocktails, and Mustaches

Belatedly, I present to you my dear friend Lex’s 40th birthday cake, a tipsy, towering coming together of things which remind me of him: cocktails, music, mustaches, and a certain clever, iconoclastic charm.

mustache cake, cocktail cake, Duff brand fondant, Duff brand cake graffiti, music cake, tipsy cake, 40th birthday cake

© 2012 Cameron Garriepy


  1. Fuck me sideways, you were not kidding when you said you could do your own cover art.

    Yeah, I know. YOu can’t put a cake on a book cover.

    But can you imagine the sales if you could?

    That thing is awesome

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  3. I can’t even compete with Jessie’s comment, but I do love that cake.
    it’s special, whimsical and I bet it tasted DIVINE. :)

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