The cool, composed facade I present to the world is a lie. I’m a great big, giant dork. Really. Today’s example is how unreasonably excited I am to have gotten an email from a friend and fellow writer with this screen shot inside:

Buck's Landing Amazon, Buck's Landing novel, Buck's Landing romance, Cameron D Garriepy romance novel

My little book is getting some attention! Fingers crossed it generates a little more buzz!

With Thanksgiving approaching, I’m going to take a moment, again, to thank everyone who reads and shares and comments and pushes me to be a better writer. I am grateful for my village every day.


  1. Consider me your partner in great big giant dorkiness.

    You are awesome, Cam. Celebrate every single victory!

  2. So so so so SO excited about this. Let’s hope the buzz continues.

  3. Very chuffed for you indeed, Cameron. I saw the development when it happened from the vantage point of Facebook. Huge congratulations!

  4. One of my friends told me she read your book on Kindle and really enjoyed it. I’m glad it continues to do well.

  5. I have been smiling and teary for many many days over this. I am thrilled for you and proud to know you.

    YAY> xxooxo

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