An Aries, a self-described shenaniganist, and an unabashed romantic, I write romantic fiction and genre-crossing short stories from the metro-Boston area, where I live with my husband, son, and a poorly behaved pug.

In the eighth grade, I wrote my first romance novel on an antique typewriter, using a stack of pink paper. Detours between that draft and publishing my first novel included a BA in Music from Middlebury College, a professional culinary education, and twelve years in the child-wrangling industry.

Tap into that gorgeous weirdness at the core of your unique destiny: the inspired lunacy that would evolve into genius if you ever learned to make it sing and dance.*

My adventures in flash fiction can be found on the blog. Formerly, I have been an editor at Write on Edge, and I am the founder of and senior editor at Bannerwing Books.

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* from my horoscope in the spring of 1999

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