An Every Day Love Story Moment: Buck’s Landing

Do you ever wonder what happens to characters after you close the book? Do you wish you could just peek into their lives down the road a few years and see what happily ever after looks like?

Me, too. Writing a series like Thornton, that follows friends and siblings, those moments happen organically. Of course you’re going to see some of Joss and Nan’s ever-after while Kate’s navigating her own tricky journey to forever love, and Anneliese’s heart, despite her best efforts, is right there on her sleeve.

I write that way because I like to read that way, but what about characters who aren’t part of a continuing narrative? Today, I’m giving you a little peek into Sofia and Silas’s life after Buck’s Landing. I hope you enjoy!

Buck’s Landing: A New England Seacoast Romance
An Every Day Love Story Moment

Sofia put the finishing touch on an elaborate bow. The package was done up in silver-foil paper and an explosion of pink curling ribbon.

“Too much?” Sofia picked the box up and tilted it for Silas.

He put his coffee down and peered over the top of his laptop. “For Judy? It’s perfect.”

She put it down, simultaneously picking up the cat who leapt on soft paws to investigate the trailing ends of the ribbon. “No, cat.”

Houdini complained when she set him on the floor–a string of grumbling mews–then wound his feline self around the sofa feet and plopped his butt down to groom the inside of one hind leg. Silas chuckled. “Classy.”

Sofia moved Judy’s present to the bookshelf by the door. Ultimately, if Houdini wanted it, he’d get it, but she didn’t need to make it easy for him.

“The gift, though?” Inside the box were two tickets to Athens with transfers to Santorini, and a seven-day reservation for the DeVarona that included breakfasts and a champagne and truffle welcome basket. She’d coordinated the timing with Judy’s husband, calling in a few professional favors from her former employers, but even Chris Dunaway didn’t know the full extent of their anniversary gift.

“It’s an amazing gift. As long as Judy doesn’t hyperventilate, you’re all set.” Silas closed his computer and met her by the window that overlooked the beach. Road crews were cleaning up the last of a recent late-season Nor’easter’s damage. “Half the beach ended up on Ocean Boulevard.”

“As long as it’s cleaned up by the end of the month. We’ve got your building all booked up starting the first week after school lets out.”

“I was just confirming the second unit for the last week of the summer.” He slipped his arms around her waist. “And we got three applications for the snack bar.”

She stretched herself against him, whispering against his lips. “I love it when you talk dirty.”

His hands wandered to her hips, and she kissed him–slow and sweet–before pulling away. “We have to leave in five minutes.”

He tugged her in close. “I can be quick.”

“Mmm.” She let the wave of lust wash down her spine. “Later. And not quick. Now, get the keys.”

She let Silas drive, sinking into the buttery upholstery as the engine purred to life, maybe a little less silky a purr than it once had. Her car was getting old. Five years of coastal living had been tough on her beloved BMW.

“Are you sure you’re okay with having the kids for a week?” Judy’s brood were all good kids, but three extra people in their apartment–even with the remodel that had merged the third and second floors and added two bedrooms–was a new adventure for both of them.

Silas reached over to press a gentle hand against her still-flat belly, sneaking a glance at her while he maneuvered the car down a side street. “Good practice.”

The new smile–the one that she’d only learned she had when the pink plus sign had come up on the home test two months before–curved her lips. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”



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