Family Practice

A Thornton Vermont Novel

Book Cover: Family Practice

Coming home can be complicated...

Weddings were always Anneliese Thompson’s dream, but her marriage was a nightmare. Broke and on her own with her baby girl, she came home to Thornton, Vermont, to rebuild her life. Nearly five years later, Anneliese is a sought-after event planner, and after raising her daughter under her parents’ roof, she’s finally making a home of her own. 

Jack Pease is the teenage crush who broke her heart. He’s  a tourist in his own hometown, and a man who kindles emotions she’s learned not to trust. Now Jack has put his charmed Boston life on hold to help his parents in the wake of a family crisis, and he can’t resist trying to repair their fractured friendship.  

Without the barrier of distance, the attraction between them is too strong for Anneliese to ignore. She’s wiling to risk her own heart, but loving her means loving her daughter, too. When Anneliese’s past and Jack’s future collide, they’ll have to choose: take the leap together or leave the tentative magic they’ve found behind.

The third novel in the Thornton, Vermont trilogy, Family Practice returns one last time to the town—and characters—readers fell in love with in Damselfly Inn and Sweet Pease. The series is best enjoyed in order, and for those who can’t get enough of Thornton, the short story collection Sugaring Season explores more love stories from this beloved Vermont village.

Reviews:Angela Amman on Goodreads wrote:

Family Practice deftly blurs the lines surrounding obligation, logic, and searing attraction.

Anneliese Thompson and Jack Pease are old friends whose adult lives found them on alternate coasts, until Anneliese found her life in shambles and came back to Thornton, Vermont to regroup, rebuild, and repair her broken heart. Now that she's closer to Jack, their long-buried spark begins to show signs of life, but she can ignore it until a family emergency brings him back to their hometown, too.

Between raising her young daughter and building a successful event planning business, Anneliese barely has time to breathe, let alone date. Still, she's always been drawn to Jack. Despite the easy friendship and sizzling attraction between them, Anneliese finds herself wary of Jack, especially since there's an expiration date on the pause button he's pressed on his comfortable, high octane city life.

I love the realistic picture Garriepy paints of small town life and modern love. The comfort of home can be suffocating for Anneliese, with her mother questioning her decisions, but it's also the place she wants to raise her daughter. Surrounded by friends and family, Anna still can't completely let down her guard, and that feels authentic as she works tirelessly to find her footing after a confidence-crushing marriage. Her connection with Jack is electric, which makes it harder to know what the right move is when it comes to her life — and her daughter's.

Family Practice is the third novel in Garriepy's Thornton, Vermont series, though the characters and town also exist in related novellas and short stories. I believe you can read this series finale as a stand-alone novel, but I also believe it will encourage you to go back to the beginning and discover more about the supporting characters in Jack and Anneliese's story.

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