Parallel Hunt

Children of the Parallels

Book Cover: Parallel Hunt
Part of the Children of the Parallels series:

Emma Bright's nightmares are getting worse, and her only confidante, a peer mentor named Julian Cyr, vanished a year before without a word of goodbye. The flame-haired hunter rides through her dreams almost nightly, leaving Emma exhausted and frightened. Emma seeks out Julian's brother, looking for answers, but Jack Snow is unwilling to tell her the truth about his brother's disappearance.

Emma's dreams aren't the only thing troubling her. The air shimmers out of the corner of her eye, and visions of another sky beyond her own taunt her in the cafeteria. When Jack witnesses Emma's strange abilities firsthand, he recognizes the connection between Emma and Julian--and the rest of his unusual family. He knows he should tell Emma the truth, but it may be too late.

Her newly discovered powers may have taken Emma beyond Jack's reach for good.

The Children of the Parallels stories are chapters in an ongoing storyline, not intended to stand alone, written as part of a unique series of gifts for the special kids in the author's life.