Parallel Jump

Children of the Parallels

Book Cover: Parallel Jump
Part of the Children of the Parallels series:

Fourteen year old Jack Snow is late for baseball practice when a unusual young woman and her brother cross his path. Jack knows answering Calliope and Phineas's call for help means he won't make it to practice, but he cannot imagine how far from home he will end up as a result. When a mysterious force draws him through a crack in reality, leaving his two new acquaintances stranded behind, Jack, Phineas, and Calliope must all make their way amongst strangers to find their way home.

The Children of the Parallels stories are chapters in an ongoing storyline, not intended to stand alone, written as part of a unique series of gifts for the special kids in the author's life.

Reviews:Angie K. on wrote:

Teens will love the steampunk magic of the alternative universe Garriepy so adeptly creates, and adults will find themselves examining and re-examining threads of the complex relationships woven through the narrative.