Sugaring Season

Stories from Thornton & Beyond

Book Cover: Sugaring Season

In 1953, a young Naval officer returned home to his family and fell in love with the girl who met him at the train.

Thornton’s most enduring love story echoes through the generations that follow George Cartwright and Ginny Fletcher—from Walt and Molly Fuller’s youthful passion to Elisha McNair’s elegant rediscovery of a childhood infatuation, from Seth Weston’s Big Hurt to George and Ginny’s daughter’s second chance at love.

Sugaring Season celebrates the sweetness of everyday love in eight short stories from the world of the Thornton Vermont Series. These eight stories can be read outside the series, or as a companion to the novels.

Note: this is the first time these eight stories have appeared together, but some readers may be familiar with some of them already as newsletter freebies or previously published works. The eponymous final story--Sugaring Season--is brand new for this release.

Reviews:Julie C. Gardner, author of the Friendship and Secrets Series on wrote:

In her latest collection, author Cameron Garriepy serves up another batch of delicious stories, each more mouthwatering than the next. The relationships Garriepy explores span more than five decades of time and experience, from the innocent ache of first-love to the slow burn of second-act chances. Since the course of true love never did run smooth, Garriepy includes forbidden attractions, the yearning and temptations that attend them. She plunged me right into the heads of potential lovers grappling with the consequences of their choices—both the risks and rewards.

Longtime fans of Garriepy will recognize the sumptuous settings, her well-drawn characters so warm and delightful you want to take to tea with them. Readers just discovering the author will want to dive into Thornton, Vermont and linger long past sugaring season.