Three Christmas Stories

Three sweet, holiday romances from Bannerwing Books authors Mandy Dawson, Cameron D. Garriepy, and Angela Amman, new for 2019.

A lady in trouble…

In the wake of a devastating discovery, the Honorable Miss Henrietta Talbot flees Society’s prying eyes. Off to Scotland and harboring a ruinous secret, Henrietta makes the acquaintance of her hosts’ compelling—and titled—neighbor. Alastair Campbell’s recently inherited estate is on the brink of ruin, and marriage to a wealthy woman—like the beautiful damsel in distress staying at the neighboring estate—might be the only way to save his birthright. Can a seafaring lord and a pirate’s daughter find happiness together at the turning of the year?

A widower abroad…

Baker Hamish Munroe arrives in Thornton, Vermont, in search of solace at an old friend’s hearth. Journalist Juliet Chen is spending December shadowing Thornton’s favorite pastry chef for a magazine profile. When Hamish literally crashes into Juliet his first day in town, he finds a reason to stay in Vermont for the holidays.

A divorcée on her own…

As if graduate school for a second career isn't difficult enough, Sophie's grown children have their own holiday plans, and the student artists for whom she models are commenting on the fine lines… around her eyes. When Professor Graham Campbell makes Sophie feel carefree again over a French Silk pie, she cannot imagine that a series of chance encounters will align to bring them together on Christmas Eve.

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