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Sweet Pease (Bannerwing Books 2017)

Kate Pease has everything under control–her bakery’s expansion, her best friend’s wedding, and her carefully guarded heart–until Thornton College’s new novelist-in-residence maligns her scones in a student newspaper. Never one to back down from a challenge, Kate confronts him, only to discover he’s more dreamy academic than snarky stranger. Living in a postcard town, Kate knows better than to fall for an appealing tourist, but there’s nothing wrong with a fling.

Ewan Lovatt is in Thornton, Vermont for a semester to teach–and to research the Damselfly Inn’s past for a new project. His agent wants pages, but it’s not the historical house that inspires him. Tangling with the town sweetheart tempts Ewan with an undeniable attraction and a compelling new character. Suddenly his vision for the future and his agent’s big dreams for his career are at odds.

Somewhere between winter and spring, these two fiercely independent souls find magic together, but Kate offered her love to the wrong man once before. She’s not inclined to risk it again–especially on one who’s not staying in Thornton.

The second novel in the Thornton, Vermont trilogy, Sweet Pease revisits the town—and the characters—readers fell in love with in Damselfly Inn.

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Damselfly Inn (Bannerwing Books 2015)


The picturesque college town of Thornton, Vermont is the perfect place to open an inn. Or so Nan Grady thinks until a late summer storm drops a tree branch through her roof and local contractor Joss Fuller into her path.

Romance has been the last thing on her career-oriented mind, but Nan can’t deny the attraction between them. Nor can she deny the history between Joss and her most important guest: a sophisticated Manhattan academic.

And then there is the mysterious vandal targeting her home and livelihood.

As summer fades to autumn and Joss becomes a fixture around the Damselfly Inn, Nan navigates the joys and complications of life in her new home town. But when the vandalism becomes increasingly upsetting, threatening Nan and her guests, as well as her budding relationship with Joss, Nan questions her place in the town, at the inn, and in Joss’s heart.

Julie C. Gardner, author of Letters for Scarlet (Velvet Morning Press) calls the romance between Nan and Joss “slow burning and delicious.” Andra Watkins, NYT Bestselling author of Not Without My Father and To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey Of Meriwether Lewis(Word Hermit Press) calls Damselfly Inn “a perfect beach read, a best pick for a vacation or a delicious page-turner to wile away any afternoon.”

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From the Earth to the Moon (Bannerwing Books 2013)

Thornton, Vermont, 1953: After six years in the Navy, the last three spent engaged in the Korean War, George Cartwright is coming home. No longer craving adventure, George wants nothing more than to start building a quiet life. When a beautiful, unexpected stranger meets his train, George understands why it’s called love at first sight. Ginny Fletcher is everything George never knew he wanted in a woman, but his love forces him to question the meaning of brotherhood, family, and the weight of promises.

From the Earth to the Moon is a work of short romantic fiction.

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Foolish Things (published in Open Studio, Bannerwing Books 2015)
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Foolish ThingsThornton, Vermont, 1999: Anneliese Thompson is a sheltered high school senior, living up to everyone’s expectations and rarely revealing her secret self. Her attempts at navigating friendships, unrequited love, and a deeply buried thirst for adventure leave her vulnerable when the new boy in town takes a shine to her.

Chris Greene is a fresh start, offering not only his devotion and a new world of possibility and adventure, but the cost may be too great.

Foolish Things is a work of short romantic fiction.

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Past and Pending (2015)
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Past and Pending Cover

In matters of love loss, we’ve no recourse at all.
~the Shins, The Past and Pending

Seth Weston is an artist’s son with a head for the business of art, managing a Boston gallery by day and planning his agent/dealer career on the side.

When he meets an enigmatic young woman in a Cambridge bar, his heart opens to the art of living in a way he never expected. Sara Cabot is the woman Seth never dreamed he needed, but she’s keeping a devastating secret.

In the wake of loving Sara, Seth’s path turns in the direction that will eventually draw him towards Thornton, Vermont.

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A Gilded Promise (2016)

Elisha McNair stirs up a little trouble in the name of love in Damselfly Inn. She might have considered a fling with a handsome face from her past, but not once she witnessed the sparks fly between Joss Fuller and her hostess, Nan Grady.

Elisha has it all: looks, money, a respected family, an elite education, and the career she’s always wanted, but it isn’t until an unexpected reunion in luxurious Newport, Rhode Island, that Elisha understands: what’s missing in her life isn’t just any handsome face from her past.

It’s the one she can’t have.

A GILDED PROMISE takes you to an anniversary party in the Gilded Age ballroom at Rosecliff, where a half-forgotten childhood crush wakes long-dormant dreams in Elisha’s heart.

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Star of Wonder, published in Merry Little Christmas (Bannerwing Books 2016)

Ivy Brennan, former therapist, astronomy enthusiast, and self-declared goat lady is carving out a fresh start for herself in the woods outside Thornton, Vermont. Christmas is coming, but Ivy is more concerned with missing goats and approaching meteor showers.

Sterling West is crashing with his uncle at the family Christmas tree farm since his ex-fiancée sold their apartment out from under him. He’s bagging trees and picking up freelance web design jobs while he figures out what to do next, and where the best stargazing is.

Ivy’s sister, Sterling’s uncle, four goats, and the Geminid meteor shower conspire to bring Sterling and Ivy together as the holiday approaches, but connections neither Ivy nor Sterling are aware of tangle like last-year’s Christmas lights, threatening to trip up their newfound attraction.


Sweet Basil, published in The Way to My Heart (Kelly Ann Jacobson, 2017)

A story of love’s discovery and promise, the pause before the leap. This short, new-adult romance features a café manager and an agriculture student whose story is grounded in food: growing, serving, savoring.

Andy Greenberg has been in love with Kate Pease since his first shift at her bakery in downtown Thornton. Danielle Beaudette has watched his unrequited infatuation from afar, until a late-night snack in a moonlit garden gives her the courage to show Andy that love is right in front of him.




Buck’s Landing (Bannerwing Books 2012)

Cameron D Garriepy, New England, romance, novel, Hampton BeachSofia Buck escaped Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, ten years ago with no intention of returning, but her father’s untimely death forces her to come back for the summer to deal with Buck’s Landing, the family business he left behind. Sofia has one goal, to keep the business running until it’s sold without letting her painful past into the present.

Silas Wilde walked away from an unsatisfying legal career in Manhattan. Relying on instinct and serendipity, he finds himself running a seaside market and gift shop on Hampton Beach’s Ocean Boulevard. He’s content in his new life and livelihood, until a chance encounter with his new next-door neighbor awakens him to the one thing he’s missing. Her.

The dog days of summer heat up more than the sandy Boardwalk for Sofia and Silas, but will Sofia risk facing her memories for love?

Buck’s Landing is Cameron D. Garriepy’s debut romance, and the first in the New England Seacoast Romance series; an homage not only to Ms. Garriepy’s New England roots, but to the romance authors whose work she grew up devouring.

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The Children of the Parallels stories are middle-grade/YA novelettes in a connected universe, but not necessarily sequential storyline,
written as part of a unique series of gifts for the special kids in the author’s life.

Parallel Jump (2012)
steampunk fiction, alternate reality, young adult sci-fi, parallel jumpFourteen year-old Jack Snow is late for baseball practice when a unusual young woman and her brother cross his path. Jack knows answering Calliope and Phineas’s call for help means he won’t make it to practice, but he cannot imagine how far from home he will end up as a result.

When a mysterious force draws him through a crack in reality, leaving his two new acquaintances stranded behind, Jack, Phineas, and Calliope must all make their way amongst strangers to find their way home.
For Jack, this means an adventure led by a curious child named Lucky, for Phin and Callie, the realization that they are not the only strangers in the world they now inhabit.

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Parallel Hunt (2014)

Parallel Hunt CoverEmma Bright’s nightmares are getting worse, and her only confidante, a peer mentor named Julian Cyr, vanished a year before without a word of goodbye. The flame-haired hunter rides through her dreams almost nightly, leaving Emma exhausted and frightened. Emma seeks out Julian’s younger half-brother, looking for answers, but Jack Snow is unwilling to tell her the truth about Julian’s whereabouts.

Emma’s dreams aren’t the only thing troubling her. The air shimmers out of the corner of her eye, and visions of another sky beyond her own taunt her in the cafeteria. When Jack witnesses Emma’s strange abilities firsthand, he recognizes the connection between Emma and Julian — and the rest of his unusual family. He knows he should tell Emma the truth, but it may be too late.

Her newly discovered powers may have taken Emma beyond Jack’s reach for good.

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Closing Shift (2011)

Closign Shift CoverElli prefers working the evening shift in a coffee shop so she can plan, unnoticed, her escape from a life of quiet desperation. Will the arrival of an intense stranger draw her out?

Closing Shift is a standalone work of flash fiction.



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Valentine, published in Metaphysical Gravity ( Bannerwing Books 2013)

Cameron D. Garriepy, Kameko Murakami, Angela Amman, Mandy Dawson, Metaphysical Gravity, short story collection“Love is metaphysical gravity.” R. Buckminster Fuller

A force beyond reason and the laws of nature, love draws us together in many ways. In these four short stories, four authors explore the essence of love, from practical to magical.

In Her Hands, by Angela Amman, explores the moment in which a woman weighs the choice between expectations and the lasting passion she craves.

A shy librarian offers her beautiful best friend a shot at the English teacher she secretly desires, in Mandy Dawson’s Home. But what if beauty isn’t all he needs in a lover?

Cameron D. Garriepy’s eponymous Valentine is a young woman whose fairytale is sidetracked by a trickster loose in the streets of New Orleans.

In Elephants in the Atmosphere by Kameko Murakami, a young woman in extraordinary circumstances finds love in an unexpected place and against all odds. Is a happy ending even possible?

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Requiring of Care, published in Echoes in Darkness (2013)

angela amman, mandy dawson, cameron d garriepy, kameko murakami, kate shrewsday, andra watkins, elizabeth yon, scary, fiction, Kindle, ebook“Ain’t nothing in the dark that ain’t there in the light…”

Stories of darkness and light — physical… otherworldly… and in the human spirit. From dangerous to romantic to chilling, this collection showcases seven absorbing tales and an unforgettable cast of characters.

In Kate Shrewsday’s To Hear the Dead Proclaim, a trans-Atlantic air traveler comforts her seat mate with a sympathetic ear. His story allows her into the mind of a genius, but some conversations are best left unspoken.

In Flutters, Angela Amman takes us into the steamy Savannah heat, where the last surviving daughter in a family of women with extraordinary powers struggles to maintain her mother’s legacy at all costs.

Helen has lived her life obsessed with a statue, going so far as to travel the world for a glimpse of it in person. The consequences of her trip reveal an ancient curse and leave Helen’s life forever changed in Mandy Dawson’s Awakening.

Previously published as a stand-alone short, Cameron D. Garriepy’s Requiring of Care follows Lucy Montgomery to an unusual job interview. The would-be nanny is pulled into the world of Violet, a little girl who holds fragments of a haunting story.

Bad Deal, an excerpt from Andra Watkins’ forthcoming debut novel To Live Forever, introduces us to an unusual little girl named Emmaline Cagney. Emmaline longs to fly from the dark side of her mother’s affections, but what strangers lurk in the shadows?

From Kameko Murakami: A terrible accident robbed Danaë of her life, but not by killing her. Instead she is cursed, invisible to the world, with one exception: the dying. When her path crosses that of the one living man who knows she’s there, Danaë must decide if she is to remain Unseen. [Previously published.]

“Ain’t nothing in the dark that ain’t there in the light, Edie.” Nyctophobic Eden Summerhill has nowhere to go but the lonely family farmhouse she’s inherited, but the darkness is waiting there for her in Love Apples by Elizabeth Yon.

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Twelve Days ’til Christmas
(Bannerwing Books 2013)

Twelve Days 'til Christmas Cover Twenty years after flirting with rock and roll stardom, Moira Kennedy is a tired bartender who still dreams of the sweet rush of performing. With twelve dreary days until Christmas looming, Moira’s achingly dull life spins off its axis. Who is the handsome stranger in the red scarf? Why is her ex threatening to dredge up their past? Is there still music in her soul? And will this be a happy Christmas after all?

Twelve Days ‘Til Christmas is a work of short fiction, a Christmas romance which includes salty language and adults making the occasional poor choice.



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Merry’s Christmas, published in Atlantic to Pacific (Bannerwing Books 2014)

Atlantic to Pacific coverOh, there’s no place like home for the holidays
‘Cause no matter how far away you roam,
If you want to be happy in a million ways,
For the holidays, you can’t beat home, sweet home.

Or can you?

For Merry Jackson, home for the holidays means spending Christmas alone in her Boston apartment, until a chance meeting in a market and an elderly neighbor’s misfortune bring someone new — and special — into her life, but is he meant for her?

Georgia Gérard escapes Chicago’s frosty weather to spend Christmas in Maui with her family, but she can’t quite leave her secrets on the Lake Michigan shore. Rumors swirl around her professional life, and an irresistible man from her past won’t leave her alone. Will Georgia find the peace she craves on Lahaina’s sunny shoreline?


Santa’s Photographer, published in Secret Santas (Bannerwing Books 2015)

Secret Santas cover“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world,
and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.
– Norman Vincent Peale

Join authors Angela Amman and Cameron D. Garriepy in seeking out the softness and beauty of Christmas in two short, sweet holiday romances.

Sweet Silver Bells, by Angela Amman:

Poppy is a copywriter on a mission: finding the perfect song for a client’s Christmas launch party playlist. Agency-artist-slash-part-time-DJ Theo seems the perfect person to ask, but their usually easygoing friendship feels clouded. Whether it’s the company’s Jingle Jamboree gift exchange, her faux pas at last year’s holiday party, or something else entirely that’s causing the tension, Poppy can’t say. Theo’s musical taste turns out to be spot on, but are Poppy’s instincts?

Santa’s Photographer, by Cameron D. Garriepy:

Shell — a.k.a. Candy Cane — is on a break from her seasonal job taking photos for a mall Santa when an attractive passerby catches her muttering an angry rant… while wearing her elf attire. Embarrassed by her costume and her foul humor, Shell blows off the man’s unexpected compliment, but holiday magic has other things in store for them both. Serendipity, mistaken identity, and a little boy’s Christmas wish weave their lives together as December 25th approaches, but will Santa’s photographer make the connection in time?