Thank You!

I just made my donation to support Shauna & Ang’s babies, and every dollar I was able to give was a testament to the giving spirit of my community of friends and readers.

For those of you who picked up the book, I hope you enjoy it, and thank you so much for helping me support these amazing women and their babies. What a wonderful thing, to be born into so much love and generosity.

Because It’s Sunday, And I Can

I’m posting another cake photo!

This time my Small Boy’s 5th birthday cake. He asked me for a pug cake, which I did by stenciling the negative space on a pumpkin carving template out of black rolled fondant. Then, he asked if he could have a bomb, just like the one I did for Lex’s birthday cake last weekend.

Et voilà, Pug Bomb Cake!

pug cake, birthday cake, stenciling with fondant, modeling with fondant, child's birthday cake
© 2012 Cameron Garriepy

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Buck’s Landing, the first in this connected series of romances, today is the day to do it. I’m donating a portion of the proceeds from all sales this week to benefit a family rebuilding their savings and adoption fund. Recent political developments in Washington are the first step, but my friends have a long road ahead to truly hold equality in their hands.

Paying It Forward

Imagine that you are carrying graduate level loans and working tirelessly as a social worker, advocating for those who are marginalized. Maybe you’re not paid well, but you are passionate about what you do.

Imagine your spouse enduring a layoff, and then the relief of finding a new job they love.

Imagine the joy—and gut-wrenching uncertainty—of learning you are expecting twins.

Imagine strict bedrest to protect your babies, your spouse expected to carry the financial burden of a family of four on a single salary for the foreseeable future. Imagine that, eight months pregnant, you and your spouse must sell your home and relocate to relieve some of that burden.

Imagine your savings decimated by an unforeseen act of nature.

Imagine the galling unfairness of then facing an expensive and privacy-invading legal proceeding to guarantee your spouse’s right to parent the children in the eyes of the government, because your state doesn’t recognize the validity of your marriage.

marriage equality, crowdfunding, books for a good cause, Cameron D Garriepy, adoption fundraiserI write love stories. I believe in love. I believe fiercely that everyone should enjoy the same rights which I was so easily handed: marriage, family, the secure knowledge that my partner is my child’s safety net in every sense of the word.

Buck’s Landing exists because a group of people believed in my dream, supported my goals, invested in my future.

My dear friend Shauna and her wife Ang are the people I ask you to imagine. They are facing very real financial hardships, even while they are awestruck and overjoyed, awaiting the birth of their twins. I recently learned that a friend of theirs has started a crowdfunding campaign to support Shauna and Ang through the birth and Ang’s legal adoption of her children.

I wish I could simply be their fairy godmother and write them a check. Lacking the resources to do that, I’m putting my book where my beliefs are.

Starting now and running through the next seven days, I plan to donate $1 for every copy of Buck’s Landing sold to support my friends. I’m asking you to read about Shauna and Ang on and then click one of the links below to buy your copy—or, of course, make a donation directly if you are so inclined. I’m asking you to pass the word along.

Thank you.

Let’s help two remarkable people write the next chapter of their love story.

Buck’s Landing on Amazon, in paper back or for Kindle/Kindle App
Buck’s Landing in paperback, signed and shipped direct from me

One Cake to Rule Them All

When my godson was tiny, I promised him any kind of birthday cake he wanted, every year, pretty much until he’s too big to think that’s cool. This past weekend, I celebrated his 9th birthday with him, and delivered on his request for a Lord of the Rings cake.

Ring of Power cake, One Ring cake, LOTRCake

The cake itself is a simple affair: Smitten Kitchen’s Best Birthday Cake, moist vanilla cake with rich chocolate frosting, super easy. The ring is made from Wilton Sugar Sheet, cut into strips and airbrushed with Wilton Gold Color Mist. When the airbrushing dried, I used a black Wilton Food Writer Edible Color Marker to write the inscription on the airbrushed sugar sheets. I drew my inspiration from Peter Jackson’s interpretation of the Ring. The bottom is edged with chocolate sprinkles, and the whole cake got an airbrushing before I did the white lettering on the top, which is an approximate transcription of “Happy birthday Gavin” into the Tengwar alphabet. (Yes, I am a nerd. Moving on.)

Thinking back on some of the other projects G’s asked me to tackle, I’m thinking perhaps I should be worried he’ll up the ante again next year?

It’s Good To Be Seen

Heather showered second, and then offered to take Felix with her when she and her son left for the family’s growing business in downtown Portland, Maine. Her husband was already gone ahead. Alone, I jumped into the shower myself before following her.

The drive in to the industrial space just off 295 took all of ten minutes, but they were ten minutes scented with salt air and sunshine. When I got to Rising Tide, the boys were building a fort out of Rubbermaid containers while Heather and her husband labeled bottles of American pale ale. Felix was particularly fascinated by the labeling machine.

It was good to be seen. Good to be supportive of my friends. Good to lavish a little love on my godson.

I’ve been increasingly depressed lately. Jobs are scarce, and getting a reply from a résumé even more so. It gets harder and harder to justify not doing what work I have in my pajamas. It gets easier to stay in bed, to let the chores go an extra day. After all, money is tight. We don’t often stray far from home because gas is prohibitively expensive, there’s no cash for camps or summer activities. Our family vacation this year is again being made possible through the generosity of our families, and I’m trying really hard not to feel like I’m taking advantage.

I don’t blog about it because it feels like whining. We have each other, a roof over our heads, our health (Now I knock on wood.).

Without a ton of close friends in the area, it gets lonely around here. Reaching out to my frankly amazing online circle of friends helps. A lot. But it can be done in those pesky jammies. And it begins to feel like reality is on my computer screen and not in the air around me. Life slips by quietly. Not good.

Biting the bullet and driving the 140 miles to Portland felt a lot like an indulgence. It may have, in retrospect, been a necessity.

This morning, on the advice of a wise friend, I got up and got dressed. And yes, it took someone else telling me. I’ve applied for some jobs, I’ve done some work. I feel better. And that hope that’s blooming in my gut smells a lot like the salt air in Portland.

It was very good to be seen.