Five True Things

Cameron D. Garriepy, Thornton Vermont, short story, From the Earth to the Moon

  • My Mom and I took a girl’s trip to IKEA today. I had maybe forgotten how nice it was to shop without my child, even when I wasn’t really buying much.
  • The LEGOs are taking over. No lie.
  • There really is no rest for the wicked.
  • From the Earth to the Moon will be out for your e-reader by week’s end! $0.99 of short story goodness, including a sneak peek of a new trilogy of novels coming in 2014/2015!
  • And I have a holiday treat coming for those of you who are subscribers, either to the blog or to the mailing list. Keep an eye on those emails in a couple of weeks!

What five things are true for you right now?

7 thoughts on “Five True Things

  1. 1. I haven’t been reading enough.
    2. Even when I read, I don’t comment enough.
    3. I haven’t been writing enough.
    4. I have stories in my head.
    5. I can’t even think of a fifth thing.

    Just letting you know, I really do read when I can. And I’m excited to get a new short story to add to my must read list!

  2. 1. I have been sick as a dog
    2. That is no excuse for not returning to Cameron the work I owe her
    3. I have lost my voice – and my wife and co-workers are loving it
    4. I still have not gotten any pumpkin pancakes
    5. I can’t wait for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special this weekend!!

  3. 1. I don’t write enough.
    2. I don’t read enough.
    3. I watch a lot of Doctor Who.
    4. I have tickets to see it IN THEATER in 3D.
    5. I can’t wait to read From the Earth to the Moon.

  4. 1. I still don’t have an e-reader. Boo.
    2. I get most of my books from the library. Yay. Kind of.
    3. I just finished the rough draft of a REALLY long women’s fiction manuscript and I kind of feel like my characters are real now. Like seriously alive.
    4. I may be a little bit crazy.
    5. I’m always a little bit hungry.

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