Fun and Easy Frosting

Frosting used to be a contentious topic in my house.

Yes, you heard that right. Frosting. Contentious.

In culinary school, I learned to make an Italian meringue buttercream that quickly became my favorite cake topping. My husband is a sucker for icing from a can. My son likes the frosting you get on birthday cakes from bakeries.

What’s a girl to do?

We like desserts in our house, easy ones that we can bake together and have on hand for a simple after-dinner treat. With a four-year-old, the simpler and more fun the better.

Cake and cupcakes are favorites, but what frosting will make all three of us happy? That’s where COOL WHIP Whipped Topping comes in.

I was in Michigan for  family wedding about ten years ago, and it coincided with my cousin’s birthday. My aunt made his favorite birthday cake, and the frosting! Smooth, creamy, flavorful but not sticky sweet… I had to have the recipe.

My aunt handed me a spiral bound community cookbook printed by the local Amish community, and there it was: COOL WHIP Frosting.

Recently, at a loss to find an easy, fun way to top a batch of cupcakes and please our finicky palates, I remembered my cousin’s birthday cake.

Now when I want a fun baking project to do with my son, I take out the recipe card she wrote out for me from that book, and Felix and I make an easy cake or cupcakes, and the only thing we argue about is who gets the last cupcake or slice:

COOL WHIP Frosting
Yields enough to generously frost a 9″ layer cake.

1 1oz. (4 serving) package of instant pudding mix, any flavor
1 c. milk
1 8oz. container  COOL WHIP Whipped Topping, defrosted

Blend the pudding mix and milk until the mixture begins to thicken. Fold in the COOL WHIP until fully incorporated. Frost your cake or cupcakes immediately.

This cake was quick, easy, and Felix could help with every step, including folding the COOL WHIP into the pudding mix and spreading the frosting.

This frosting should be refrigerated if you’re saving leftovers, but it holds up for a few hours at room temperature for parties. It works really for piped designs, and if you use vanilla or cheesecake or white chocolate flavored pudding mix, it takes color well (though standard vanilla will leave a yellowish cast).

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22 thoughts on “Fun and Easy Frosting

  1. OMG! That looks sooo good! And super easy! ….I don’t know if you knew this but if you go to Michael’s or a cake decorating store, you can buy vanilla that will not tint the frosting!

  2. To this day, one of my favorite cakes is a coconut cake with Cool Whip icing. I don’t really eat cake much anymore, but it was simple. White box cake mix. Frozen coconut in juice. Flake coconut in bag. Cool Whip. Make the cake. That the frozen coconut and pour it over each layer after poking some holes in it with toothpicks. Frost with Cool Whip. Pour flake coconut over the top.

    Is that your birthday cake?

  3. NOMZ
    I hope WP doesn’t eat this one. But since it’s about food, it’s probably doomed to whichever stomach WordPress has been sending my comments on other wordpress blogs.

  4. MMM…. I’ve made this kind of frosting many times and it is really good. And simple even though I do prefer a real homemade frosting. That stuff from the can… is alright and bakery frosting is nothing but lard & sugar!

    1. My homemade frosting involves egg whites and boiled sugar and a TON of butter… not for the faint of heart, and certainly not for a preschooler.

      But this? A four-year-old helper’s dream.

  5. That’s exactly how much frosting I like in the middle of my cake. Then I frost the outside, too. I only like a little cake with my frosting. 😀

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