North Caroliiiiiiine Ba! Ba! Ba! Hotel

(For those of you who commented yesterday, I am working on your posts. Meanwhile, enjoy this gem from the Carpet Bag)

Gibberish? Nope. Oish.

O went with his dad to a Celtics game a few weeks ago, and they played Sweet Caroline at some point during the festivities. O somehow retained this song as North Caroline. Who knew he had a budding interest in US geography?

O also does performances for us, sometimes on the recorder, sometimes dance or gymnastics, sometimes songs. This day, he was an arena performer doing his hit song North Caroline Ba! Ba! Ba!, which consists of him repeating the “chorus” loudly in a rough approximation of the tune. He may have studied vocal performance with Maestro G, who gave the world such gems as Dinosaur Rawk and Tom Brady is a Winning Machine (But He’s Injured). After the “show,” he packed his sister’s Hannah Montana sing-a-long microphone in a picnic basket, and headed upstairs, telling me he was going on a plane to stay at the North Caroline Ba Ba Ba Hotel, and would be back tomorrow.

When he got back, a moment later “tomorrow,” what do you know, he sang the song again.

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