Paying It Forward

Imagine that you are carrying graduate level loans and working tirelessly as a social worker, advocating for those who are marginalized. Maybe you’re not paid well, but you are passionate about what you do.

Imagine your spouse enduring a layoff, and then the relief of finding a new job they love.

Imagine the joy—and gut-wrenching uncertainty—of learning you are expecting twins.

Imagine strict bedrest to protect your babies, your spouse expected to carry the financial burden of a family of four on a single salary for the foreseeable future. Imagine that, eight months pregnant, you and your spouse must sell your home and relocate to relieve some of that burden.

Imagine your savings decimated by an unforeseen act of nature.

Imagine the galling unfairness of then facing an expensive and privacy-invading legal proceeding to guarantee your spouse’s right to parent the children in the eyes of the government, because your state doesn’t recognize the validity of your marriage.

marriage equality, crowdfunding, books for a good cause, Cameron D Garriepy, adoption fundraiserI write love stories. I believe in love. I believe fiercely that everyone should enjoy the same rights which I was so easily handed: marriage, family, the secure knowledge that my partner is my child’s safety net in every sense of the word.

Buck’s Landing exists because a group of people believed in my dream, supported my goals, invested in my future.

My dear friend Shauna and her wife Ang are the people I ask you to imagine. They are facing very real financial hardships, even while they are awestruck and overjoyed, awaiting the birth of their twins. I recently learned that a friend of theirs has started a crowdfunding campaign to support Shauna and Ang through the birth and Ang’s legal adoption of her children.

I wish I could simply be their fairy godmother and write them a check. Lacking the resources to do that, I’m putting my book where my beliefs are.

Starting now and running through the next seven days, I plan to donate $1 for every copy of Buck’s Landing sold to support my friends. I’m asking you to read about Shauna and Ang on and then click one of the links below to buy your copy—or, of course, make a donation directly if you are so inclined. I’m asking you to pass the word along.

Thank you.

Let’s help two remarkable people write the next chapter of their love story.

Buck’s Landing on Amazon, in paper back or for Kindle/Kindle App
Buck’s Landing in paperback, signed and shipped direct from me

12 thoughts on “Paying It Forward

  1. Cam, you’re awesome. I absolutely love the way you present their story, and I hope their hardship ends soon. More than that, though more in the ‘less immediately likely to happen’ realm, I want to see DOMA abolished so that all states have to recognize the validity of all marriages again.

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing. Jessie tagged me on this. My partner and I are ourselves in a huge financial hole–neither of us working. I will be sure to pass this story along on FB. Thanks to Jessie for sharing! I do have connections in Habitat for Humanity, but most of them are international.

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Kathy, and I sincerely hope the tide turns for you and your partner. Making a home and raising kids is hard enough in these times without the insult of not recognizing a child’s parents without expensive legal motions based on nothing more than ignorance, hatred, and fear.

    1. Some days, maybe. Today, I am mostly just grateful that my family has the freedom we do, even if times are difficult, and angry that we still live in world that marginalizes people for being in love.

  3. Cam,

    I just bought a hard copy b/c I’m stubborn and still refuse to go the e-reader route…but I asked for personalization. Want you to just write me something inspiring inside.

    Love what you’re doing and THANK YOU!

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