Releasing today! From the Earth to the Moon!

Cameron D. Garriepy, Thornton Vermont, short story, From the Earth to the Moon, romanceAfter a slight cake-related delay, I am pleased to give you From the Earth to the Moon!

Thornton, Vermont, 1953: After six years in the Navy, the last three spent engaged in the Korean War, George Cartwright is coming home. No longer craving adventure, George wants nothing more than to start building a quiet life. When a beautiful, unexpected stranger meets his train, George understands why it’s called love at first sight. Ginny Fletcher is everything George never knew he wanted in a woman, but his love forces him to question the meaning of brotherhood, family, and the weight of promises.

From the Earth to the Moon is a work of short romantic fiction which includes an excerpt from the upcoming contemporary Thornton Vermont trilogy, coming in 2014/2015 from Cameron D. Garriepy and Bannerwing Books.

Thornton, Vermont, is very real to me. Based largely upon the town of Middlebury, Vermont, where I lived while attending its eponymous college, my fictional town has a history, connected families, a changing downtown… it’s a place in my heart, just as the real town is. When I first met George Cartwright, he was only part of the cast of townsfolk, but something about his small role in the my work-in-progress affected me, and it turns out his story got told first. His short story also includes the first chapter of book one of the contemporary Thornton trilogy: three novels chronicling the lives and loves of a group of friends in and around Thornton. I hope you enjoy this fictional home of mine as much as I do.

From the Earth to the Moon is available for Kindle via Amazon and for all devices via Smashwords. I anticipate having it available directly from the iBooks store and Barnes & Noble in a few weeks.


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