Summer Brain is a Thing

It’s been a busy summer between camp and a too-short week at the beach and work and our feeble attempts to have a social life, too busy to blog, or so it would seem.

CDGI’ve forgiven myself. Without my life, what would I write about? Because even in my fictional towns, full of people and places who exist outside the parameters of my day-to-day, my life is present. You don’t have to know it’s there, but I do.

I’ve recharged my creative batteries on long walks during my lunchbreaks, I’ve read books. Pages and pages of falling into faraway, magical places. I’ve shepherded us through a camp schedule that rivals the school year for organizational requirements.

I hope all of you had some fireflies, some s’mores, some beach fireworks, wave swimming, sandcastles, camp songs, thunderstorms, and fried dough these last few months.

I hope that because I have had them, and now I’m ready to get down to the serious business of finishing more stories for you. Autumn (and winter!) is coming, and with it my best creative energy, all wrapped up in warm socks and chilly air and early dark.

Summer brain is a thing; thankfully, so is winter brain!


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