Brophy Elementary PTO Yard Sale


Come discover treasures you didn’t know you needed and support a local elementary school while you’re at it.

In addition to dusty gold from our closets and drawers, I’ll have copies of most titles available for purchase and signing.

Can’t wait to see you!

Author Appearance at the Leicester Public Library

 I will be selling/signing copies of Damselfly Inn (and Buck’s Landing, too), as well as reading from Damselfly Inn, and answering questions about novel-writing and independent publishing. The program is free, and no registration is required!


10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Leicester Public Library Renovation Fund/Friends of the Leicester Public Library.

31 Flavors of Fearless: Other People Probably Do This A Lot.

#31FlavorsofFearlessThis is the 28th in a supposedly 31 post series. That I started a year-plus ago. I am all about the Long Game, fuh realz.

(Yeah, you’re right. I can’t do slang like that. Oh, well.)

Soooooooo, what Fearless, Sparkling Things has this intrepid author done? She went out and booked (Well, one of them she was invited to do because she has friends in tasty places, and another kind of fell into her lap because her mother is a rock star, but who’s counting. It’s all about who you know, after all.) her first three author events, that’s what!

For now, I’m an Indie Author on a Budget, which means I have to stay close to home. If you’re in central MA, or near Portland, ME, I’d love to see you at one of these events. If you’re game to RSVP officially, the Facebook Event pages are public. Feel free!

Farther afield? Still want to hear me read, pick my brain, or buy my signature inside the pages of a work of romantic fiction from a store/library/brewery/mall kiosk (Kidding about the mall kiosk. Mostly.) near you? Let me know. Maybe we can make something happen!

I have been meaning to stick myself out there like this for two years, but I have a chickenshit streak a mile wide that I conveniently hide on the internet. Thanks to some incredible wordsmith women, I was able to find the sticking place and email some people.

What now? After all, I still have three more Flavors of Fearless to sample.