Because It’s Sunday, And I Can

I’m posting another cake photo!

This time my Small Boy’s 5th birthday cake. He asked me for a pug cake, which I did by stenciling the negative space on a pumpkin carving template out of black rolled fondant. Then, he asked if he could have a bomb, just like the one I did for Lex’s birthday cake last weekend.

Et voilà, Pug Bomb Cake!

pug cake, birthday cake, stenciling with fondant, modeling with fondant, child's birthday cake
© 2012 Cameron Garriepy

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Buck’s Landing, the first in this connected series of romances, today is the day to do it. I’m donating a portion of the proceeds from all sales this week to benefit a family rebuilding their savings and adoption fund. Recent political developments in Washington are the first step, but my friends have a long road ahead to truly hold equality in their hands.

My Small Boy’s Birthday Party

Yesterday was Felix’s birthday party. The pictures tell it better than I could.

There was cake. Chocolate chip cake, with vanilla frosting in the middle, and chocolate on the outside. And sprinkles. He may only be turning three, but the boy knows how he likes his cake. Why five candles? Three for him, the big white one is musical (why not?), and a pink one for my Mom, whose actual birthday it was yesterday (happy birthday again, Mom!).

There were presents. It took a village to open them.

He was suitably impressed with his cake.

And he blew out the candles like a pro.

But perhaps the highlight? He got to play with his hero, his idol, Big Brother J!