The State of the Novels, 2013


I was born on the 13th of April. I love thirteen. It’s prime, indivisible save by one and itself, and shrouded in myth. And of course, people generally consider it unlucky. Me? I’m contrary enough to embrace it as my lucky number.

This is going to be a good year. Just so we are all clear. No matter that I am still searching for work, that things are difficult financially. My little family and I are healthy and whole and together. My larger family is strong and loving. My community of friends and readers is kind, generous, and supportive. My dogs are still jerks who get into the trash, but they’re okay, too.

I am writing!

So here’s how it goes:

Last weekend, I opted into a two-day free promotion period for Buck’s Landing with Amazon. In 48 hours, Buck’s Landing was downloaded 7135 times in 9 countries. The book hit two best seller lists on Amazon, peaking at #41 on the Top 100 Free Kindle Books, and #15 on the Free Contemporary Romance Books for Kindle. Not too shabby!

My favorite moment of the weekend, though, was this one:

Cameron D Garriepy, Buck's Landing, Nora Roberts, Amazon bestseller

Yep. That’s me and Nora, sharing some virtual shelf space. Swoony, huh?

Okay, so that’s great, but what’s next? you ask.

On Monday, Buck’s Landing debuted on Smashwords. It’s available there in all digital formats, so if the whole Kindle thing was stopping you? Go for it! Look for it soon at Barnes and Noble, the Apple iBookstore, and other ebook retailers.

On Friday, over at Erin Margolin‘s place, I mentioned the revision of the novel I started in 2009. I’m a little over 30,000 words into that draft, and it’s starting to come together. Why now? After more than three years and as many drafts? Easy.

My good friend, West Coast Brain Twin, and fellow author, Mandy is helping me untangle my snarly plot and focus on the central themes that crept organically into the story as I was writing that long ago first draft. When I get it fully revised, I’m going to do as Stephen King would and put it away again. The plan for that period is to research agents and start prepping my queries. And to finish drafting the second New England Seacoast Romance.

In closing:

Thank you, everyone, for helping me make Buck’s Landing a success. Thank you, my friends and first readers, for believing in me even when I smell distinctly of panic and crazysauce.

Oh, and three last things:

  1. If you’ve read and enjoyed Buck’s Landing? The best way to support the book is word of mouth. Tell someone you know about it, post a review on Goodreads or Amazon or Smashwords. (If you didn’t like it, let me know! I value constructive criticism.)
  2. I’ve moved my email subscription to MailChimp, and it’s comes not only with some sexy new HTML features, but also a Smashwords coupon code. I’m planning to add discounts, promotions, and some other stuff occasionally to the emails, so if you’ve ever considered an email subscription, now’s the time. The box is up there at the top right, under “My Words in Your Inbox,” which sounds slightly naughty. Yay!
  3. That said? I love me my Google reader, and I don’t sign up for email subscriptions myself. So, I’m also offering a very occasional, non-spammy newsletter subscription. It will only come out when I’ve got big, important news: giveaways and discounts, cover reveals, universe willing, an agent and a publisher. That kind of stuff. The sign up form is also on the right sidebar, under “Newsflash!”

No, wait. There’s a 4th thing:

Do you have a blog? I would love to guest post for you, or be interviewed, or yammer on about my books, and I have review copies of all of my books available. Just ask!

That was a lot. See? It’s going to be a very good year!

My Writer Roots

Today I am pleased to be featured on Erin Margolin’s beautiful site, The Road to My Writer Roots. Erin hosts a Friday guest series, inviting other writers to share their stories. Go have a look!

And while I’m talking about Erin, and what a wonderful woman she is, let me direct your attention to The Gay Dad Project. From their About page:

The Gay Dad Project was started by adult children who know what it feels like to have a parent come out. We aim to connect with other children and families who are going through – or have gone through – this experience.

Through open and respectful dialogue we hope to give visibility to families of all forms while creating a safe space and offering resources to those that need to talk or want to learn from others.

The Gay Dad Project is campaigning on Indiegogo to raise funds to create a documentary to help their cause. Every dollar counts, and they only have 7 days left to raise their full funding amount!

the gay dad project

Thank You!

I just made my donation to support Shauna & Ang’s babies, and every dollar I was able to give was a testament to the giving spirit of my community of friends and readers.

For those of you who picked up the book, I hope you enjoy it, and thank you so much for helping me support these amazing women and their babies. What a wonderful thing, to be born into so much love and generosity.

Blink’s Fry Doe: A Buck’s Landing Excerpt

blinks fry doe, hampton beach NH, Buck's Landing Cameron D GarriepySofia couldn’t remember being so happy in Hampton, not since she was a child.

With the panda looped under her arm, she walked in easy time with Silas. At the first cross street, he reached for her hand.

Blink’s was a blaze-orange shrine to fried dough. The porch overhang was crowded with people waiting for orders; the line stretched down the stairs into the sidewalk.

“What do you want?” Silas asked.

She handed him the stuffed panda. “This is on me.”

Silas took the bear. “Cinnamon and sugar.”

She snuck a glance at him while he leaned against the signpost. As if he felt her eyes on him, he turned to her. The street light threw his face into deep shadows but his intent was unmistakable. She shivered, understanding pooling low in her belly.

Rejoining him, she gestured across the street, where several empty benches lined the beach boardwalk. Silas set the panda down to one side to take his fried dough. He looked at hers, brows raised. “Cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar?”

She nodded. “The only way to have it.” The first bite was perfect, crisp from the fryer, soft inside, sugary and sweet. She hummed with pleasure.

“Remind me to buy you fried dough more often,” Silas said, sinking his teeth into his own.

They ate in silence, watching the amateur fireworks displays from the beach followed by the Hampton police on their quads breaking up the lawbreakers. She started to hand Silas a napkin, but he licked the sugar and cinnamon from his fingers with a wink. Sofia swore she could feel his mouth on her own skin.

“Look,” Silas said pointing to the sky above them.

A red Chinese lantern drifted over the beach. It caught a column of air and spiraled gently up before flying out over the Atlantic. They watched it until it burned out over the horizon.

“I’ve never seen one before,” Sofia whispered. “Not like that.”

“Me neither.” Silas stood. “Come on. Let’s walk home on the beach, see if we can find where they’re launching them.”


Write On Edge: Red-Writing-HoodThis week, Write on Edge challenged us to write with local brands and landmarks in mind. This excerpt from Buck’s Landing revolves around a Hampton Beach favorite.