The Story Circle: Dragon’s Bane, Part 3

Two weeks ago, I introduced The Story Circle with Mandy’s opening for Dragon’s Bane.

Mandy chose Kelly of Writing with Chaos to move her story forward. Kelly has passed the story on to Yuliya of She Suggests, yet another writer I met through Write on Edge! Yuliya writes about parenting with a funny and tender touch, she writes about her Ukrainian heritage with wit and care, and she takes beautiful photographs.

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The Story Circle: A New Guest Series

Today I’m pleased to announce a new guest-series. The Story Circle will feature other fiction writers from around the blogosphere in a relay format.

Let me introduce to you Mandy of In Mandyland. I first met Mandy through Write on Edge, when she began writing her Hidden Hollow stories. Her Henry and my Will are fictional neighbors, quite by accident, and I like to think they’d get along if they ever ordered a beer in the same bar.

Mandy’s begun a new story here today, one which will continue here for four episodes over the next four weeks, but here’s the catch: Mandy won’t be writing them! She’ll pass the torch to a writer of her choice for next week, and that writer will pass the torch for the week after that, until the fourth writer who’ll finish the tale.  Continue reading