Crazy For You

Samantha and Will have been backburnered for a long time, but something about this prompt brought them out of retirement. It’s been five long years since they’ve seen one another.

Sam twirled the toothpick from her dirty martini—promiscuous, the bartender had teased, adding an extra hit of olive brine—and shot Micah a smile. He strummed the bass line while Marnie shoegazed through the intro. Leave it to Marnie to cover Madonna in a ski lodge bar.

Her best friend gripped the mic and looked out over the crowd, giving her a sassy look. “This song is for my best girl Sam on her thirtieth birthday. It was probably playing in your Mom’s car the night you were born.”

The crowd laughed, but their mirth died down as Marnie’s smoky contralto swirled out into the room. There was an edge to the cover, something dark infused into the pop ballad; Marnie held the room in her hands as surely as she did the microphone. Sam gave into the atmosphere.

Reaching for her martini glass, she found a fresh drink at her elbow. The bartender nodded in the direction of two men at the corner of the bar. He leaned in close so she could hear. “From the guy on the left. The one you can see.”

Sam sipped from the glass, making eye-contact with her benefactor. He was older, by just how much it was impossible to tell in the hazy shadows. He tipped his hat to her like John Wayne and winked.

The gesture was at once foreign and familiar. Cowboys were a rarity in southern Vermont ski towns, but that particular hat tip was one she knew well—one she hadn’t seen in five years. Since Will.

She slid down from her bar stool and ran towards the cowboy, hurtling herself into his sinewy arms. “Nat! What are you doing here?”

“He’s never seen Vermont.” Will’s voice cut through the music. She whirled around to face his uncertain smile. “Hey, Sam.”


Write On Edge: Red-Writing-HoodIn honor of Davy Jones and the other artists who enhance our lives, this week’s Red Writing Hood prompt draws inspiration from music.

Go to This Day In Music, and discover what was number 1 on the charts in the United States, England or Australia the day you or your character was born, or any other special day in your/their life, if you prefer.

Listen to the song(s) and let it inspire you. In 300 words or less.

I arbitrarily chose May 8, 1985 as Sam’s date of birth, and lo! Madonna.