The Story Circle: Sully, Part Three

Cameron D. GarriepyThis one’s getting tense! Last week Michael got Sully behind the wheel of her Jag and introduced us to The Box. But what’s inside? What is, as Mr. Carnell hints, its story?

This week’s contributor is a new find for me. Amanda Holling writes at Amanda’s World. We share a few pastimes. Can you figure them out? 

Read on to find out where Sully’s Jag and the Box will take her…

Continued from Parts One and Two:

Sully, Part Three:

Sully clutched the steering wheel hard in both hands and swallowed down the sharp taste of bile at the back of her throat. She knew that couldn’t stop to be sick. If she slowed down long enough to open her car door and vomit onto the pavement, the terrifying blankness might catch up with her. She didn’t want to think about what that might mean. A tingling chill curled around her neck once more, clinging to her skin like a slender hand with too-long fingers. Her stomach lurched as the road in front of her seemed to slide upwards and to the right. She struggled to see clearly enough to keep the car on the road. Her foot involuntarily pressed the brake, but the dizziness began to fade almost as soon as it started and she was able to speed up again.

She topped a rise and saw something coming into view on the side of the road. It was one of those blue signs that always promised food, gas, or lodging, or so she thought at first. The reflective lettering glowed in the headlights and ordered the passerby to “Turn Here For Help.” Sully blinked once in confusion and squinted at the sign. As she drew level to it, she realized that it actually read “Tourist Information 740 AM.” She decided that it must be the lack of sleep finally beginning to show itself.

A moment later, another blue sign appeared in her headlights. This time it seemed to read “Have a Box Problem? Take This Exit For Help.” Her gaze lingered on the sign as it flashed by. She couldn’t be sure, but the letters seemed to swirl and re-form as she passed it.

Looking ahead again, she saw a third blue sign appear. This time the silvery letters read “Turn Here, Sully. I mean it!” She slammed on the brake and stared at the sign. The letters didn’t move. Sully considered her options. Behind her was utter blankness, a nothingness so complete that it terrified her. Ahead of her the desolate highway stretched away into the night. Just beyond the sign, though, she could see an exit ramp leading off into the stand of tall pine trees on the side of the highway. There was a faint glow filtering through the trees at the other end of the ramp.

The vertigo struck her again without any warning. Sully gasped as the nausea slammed into her at full force. She pressed her head back into the headrest and squeezed her eyes shut, willing the falling sensation to stop. When it finally began to fade, she sat up straight in her seat.

She knew she was running out of time. The nausea and vertigo were getting worse with each wave. The cold chill was spreading from her neck down into her chest and back. She needed help dealing with whatever she had released from that box. When she left the hotel in a blind panic, she had no idea where to turn. Maybe, just maybe, help was already here, and it was trying to find her. She nodded once, then gunned the car up the exit ramp and turned toward the soft white light she could see off to the right.

Tune in next week for the conclusion by none other than myself!

The Story Circle: A Line Runs Round the World, Part Two

Cameron D. GarriepyThis is late. I’m sorry. I was at Disney World with my family. I know you’ll all forgive me.

Last week, I introduced you to Michael Carnell. Michael tagged Kate Shrewsday. Kate has a wonderful British wit, a remarkable intelligence, and a lovely heart, which she shares on a daily basis. Kate has written here before, and I’m not shy in my admiration of her talent, which makes it all the more fun to welcome her back: Continue reading

The Story Circle: Dragon’s Bane, Part 3

Two weeks ago, I introduced The Story Circle with Mandy’s opening for Dragon’s Bane.

Mandy chose Kelly of Writing with Chaos to move her story forward. Kelly has passed the story on to Yuliya of She Suggests, yet another writer I met through Write on Edge! Yuliya writes about parenting with a funny and tender touch, she writes about her Ukrainian heritage with wit and care, and she takes beautiful photographs.

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The Story Circle: A New Guest Series

Today I’m pleased to announce a new guest-series. The Story Circle will feature other fiction writers from around the blogosphere in a relay format.

Let me introduce to you Mandy of In Mandyland. I first met Mandy through Write on Edge, when she began writing her Hidden Hollow stories. Her Henry and my Will are fictional neighbors, quite by accident, and I like to think they’d get along if they ever ordered a beer in the same bar.

Mandy’s begun a new story here today, one which will continue here for four episodes over the next four weeks, but here’s the catch: Mandy won’t be writing them! She’ll pass the torch to a writer of her choice for next week, and that writer will pass the torch for the week after that, until the fourth writer who’ll finish the tale.  Continue reading