Bear On A Bike

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Felix is at a curious crossroads as a pre-reader. He loves small chapter books and no longer relies on pictures to bring stories to life. We’re reading more and more complex tales with few to no illustrations, but he still loves to revisit his favorite picture and even board books, especially those favorites to which he knows the words.

Bear on a Bike, by Stella Blackstone, is one such favorite board book. He will pull it from the shelf and recite along with me–and we’re still finding clever details in Debbie Harter’s whimsical illustrations.

Bear is a featured character in a whole line of board books (the six titles in the gift set are available separately as well, and are available in paperback) which explore different early development topics–community, home, shapes, travel (Bear On A Bike), occupations, weather, family, and birthdays!

In this book, Bear travels by different methods to wonderful places.

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Image courtesy of Barefoot Books.

Accompanied by his friend, whose refrain, “Where are you going, Bear? Please wait for me!” Felix always “reads” with me.

Barefoot Books
Image courtesy of Barefoot Books

I admit it: I’m going to be a little sad when he finally says goodbye to these charming books.

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