I Just Named My Muse ‘Karen’

Inspiration is a tricky beast.

Last week, I shared this Tumbler meme on my Facebook page:

I was kidding. Mostly. Then Friday morning I realized the submission deadline for the Word Count Podcast was coming up hard. I stared at the prompt photo for a bit, completely devoid of ideas, and then BOOM! Inspiration by way of Tumbler meme. What if there was a time agency of some sort that had a costume designer and there was something about an ice-locked ship…

What came out in the end was a little bit of both, and a bunch of something else entirely, but it was super fun to write and record.

You can find the listen link for the ‘cast on R.B. Wood’s site.

I went in to tell my reader group about the finished podcast, and started rambling away. By then end of the post, I’d likened my muse to Karen from Will&Grace.

“Always around, seldom intentionally helpful, a little drunk, lovable and a little mean.”

If you need us, Karen and I will be over here working on the third book in Thornton series. In the meantime, Sweet Pease is free for a limited time, so if you haven’t grabbed it, don’t delay!

Ain’t No Garden…

IMG_5937 (1)It’s Wordcount Podcast time again. I did mention that I was submitting a story for the Hallowe’en episode. Ghost stories are not my natural writing sweet spot, though I love a reading or hearing good, spooky story.

I’m going to just leave this string of tweets here, from contributor Chris Smith, and you can find the podcast at R.B. Wood’s website, or subscribe to it via iTunes.

I struggled with starting my story for the podcast, until three days prior to the deadline, when I took my lunch break walk through the Codman Estate in Lincoln, MA. The formal garden has mostly gone to sleep for the winter, and there was something quietly sinister about the shadowy garden and its inhabitants under the dull sky that inspired a story. Poor Marley.

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A Gilded Promise for the Wordcount 50th

WCP_LogoI am The Worst. I started this post nearly a month ago, and only remembered that I never posted it when I finished drafting this episode’s story.

R. B. Wood’s Word Count Podcast turned 50 last month!

The fiftieth episode aired on its fifth anniversary, and my story A Gilded Promise (which is a teaser from the Thornton world) was included. The Word Count is great fun, and while I’m not consistent in submitting to Richard’s prompts, he is consistent is producing a fine collection of stories for your enjoyment.

Listening details can be found here, and watch this space. On Friday, I’m submitting a story to the Hallowe’en episode.


31 Flavors of Fearless: Eleven, The Word Count Podcast Episode 39

#31FlavorsofFearlessI’ve been lurking for some time, listening to episodes of the Word Count Podcast thanks to Eden Baylee‘s frequent participation and promotion of R. B. Wood’s monthly show for and by writers.

When I saw he was calling for submissions, I knew this was the fearless thing to do. It was time to write a response to the prompt and get it recorded and shipped off before I had time to over-think it.

The theme this month was tropical, and who wouldn’t want to escape to a gorgeous Caribbean beach for a while? So I wrote a piece called “Voluntary Amnesia” and made the requisite recording.

Did I mention I hate listening to the sound of my own voice? Or that I’m sure that I flubbed it? Always a bundle of nerves, but determined to push myself to do new things, especially this spring!

Give the show some love?

The Word Count Podcast Episode 39.

Thanks for listening!