Ten Memorable Meals

Veronique suggested some best of/top ten type posts. I immediately thought of meals, because I’m a foodie and a chef and food is my heroin. Just ask my hips. Plus, food is much more fun than blogging about learning and parenting and important stuff.

Some of these are restaurant meals, some are casual meals with friends and family, all make my heart all squishy with good memories. I present them to you sort of in an order, but nothing hard and fast.

  • L’Espalier, Boston, MA, April 2003: before Chef McClelland departed the original location, this was my dream restaurant. White glove service, exquisite cuisine, intimate setting, and Mark took me for my birthday. Perfect!
  • Harris’ Steakhouse, San Francisco, CA, June 2005: on our honeymoon, we found this place by opening a guidebook and putting a finger down. Best steak and atmosphere of the trip!
  • Dinner party with N & Friends, Medford, MA, October 2001: a carpet picnic extraordinaire with many of my best friends all together in my house, and good food made by a great cook (thanks, N!), enjoyed by all.
  • Thanksgiving at Uncle Andy and Aunt Steph’s house, November 1997 (I think it was ’97…): my mother’s younger sister came east with her family for the first time in almost 20 years. I got to meet her, and my five cousins for the first time. It was the first time the whole family was together for a holiday meal, and the first time I realized the size and fullness of my family. They are infinitely precious to me.
  • The campfire on Pine Hill when I may or may not have tried to light the entire campsite on fire, Harvard, MA, Summer 1995 or 96: This one was great. I was a counselor, working with a small group of older girls, and somehow the pre-lit coals for the dutch ovens ended up rolling down a hillside covered in dry pine needles. Still, all and all, I remember we ate pretty well. Plus, there’s the magic of summer camp…
  • That post musical meal at Denny’s, Worcester, MA, 1993 or ’94: The one where Alta first ordered Moons Over My Hammy. Good times.
  • Valentine’s Day, Medford, MA, February 2003: I made Mark a four course dinner starting with home made fettucine and salmon roe, and ending with a chocolate raspberry torte. Tres romantic.
  • That great little restaurant, Rome, Italy, March, 1994: We ate at this little local place, and there was wine and so. much. food. We spoiled ourselves, and it was great!
  • Dinner in Manhattan with L&T, NYC, February, 2005: Osso buco. Oh. My. Heart. My heart was safe, though, because my husband made us walk a hundred blocks south through he Upper East Side before dinner.
  • The I.N.I., Lakeville, MA, Summer, 1998: Spaghetti and terrible sangria with Al, Ali, and Guy. I’m sure the food was awful, but the company was positively intoxicating. Looking back, I was so carefree and lighthearted. We all were. While I wouldn’t trade what I have now, I miss that freedom.

I’m sure there are more in the corners of my mind, but for now, there you have it.

15 thoughts on “Ten Memorable Meals

    1. I just hauled that post out of the archives for a re-posting meme tomorrow. Where did *you* find it?

      I am, though. It’s true. Evil Food Pornographer!

        1. Speaking of food pornography (love that!), off to make a quick fresh tomato and sage sauce for our pan fried pork chops.

          Garlic fingertips await!

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