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  1. So true, I’m not big on all of these holidays. It is nice that my husband and I actually find a way to get out for a date but other than that I don’t need a card. Oh wait, but I wouldn’t mind some jewelry. So a date and some jewelry and then I’m good.

  2. I wish I wasn’t so big on Valentine’s Day, but I am huge on romance-my husband is not. This is the one holiday I get my romantic way. Love this by the way.

  3. Here here! Totally agree 🙂

    You all can feel free to celebrate my wedding anniversary at the end of the month if you wish 😉

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s

  4. I play a cynic on TV and in my marriage but down deep, I want the card and the flowers and all the romance. And its the one day of the year my husband brings me flowers. I won’t give that up! (Unless he just wanted to skip 2/14 in lieu of buying me flowers more often and then I say: GAME ON!)

    But just say no to the teddy bears holding hearts. PUKE!

    And you know you have my heart!

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