The Ten Year Smash

Into every marriage a few china shards mustMurphy’s Law of Crate and Barrel Engagement Registries states that the dinnerware pattern you love the most in this world will promptly be discontinued within one year of your wedding. I am living proof: ours was discontinued before our wedding, but after enough people had purchased pieces that it was too late to turn back.

We were, as we were in many ways, stupidly lucky. We got a ton of the dishes we wishlisted, and were basically all set to go once we started unboxing. I’ve chipped a few pieces here and there, dropped a few over the decade we’ve been married. (Sh)it happens, and we’ve got a porcelain kitchen sink. Lethal.

We celebrated our tenth anniversary this summer, to very little fanfare and no exotic travel. (Paris, we are coming, I promise!) We went out two months later for a nice dinner alone, but on the night of, we went to a local casual dining place with our son. This is how we roll while the money tree is still an invisible seedling hidden somewhere on our property. I however, seem to celebrating in a weird, and not so practical way.

I’m breaking dishes.

It’s like my hands have forgotten how to put the bowls away in the cabinet, how to hold the mug handles when I stretch up to the high shelf where they live. And it’s just the wedding dinnerware. So far — knock on wood — the pint glasses and my dragonfly wine cups and the other glass and stoneware pieces are fine.

As my son and I often joke about potentially breaking things: smashy smashy.

Into every marriage a few china shards must fall, but why must they be from the long-discontinued registry pattern?

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